Saul Vo
5 Habits of a Good Web Developer

5 Habits of a Good Web Developer

October 4, 2022

Usually when it comes to programmers, they only focus on good and effective coding habits, but I think there are many other habits that are equally important in helping you become a “good” developer.

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1. Code “beyond expectations”

One thing you have to understand is that in reality there are many cases that differ from what is described, with what is described, the use is written in specs/document. That’s why developers should have these quality.

Before coding, always do a thorough analysis, consider all possible scenarios. If simple, handle it yourself, if complicated, confirm with your Project Manager, Business Analyst or your Team Leader.

Doing this will help you avoid having to fix minor errors that will miss the extra cases that you overlooked.

Tips to make sure your code is quality:

2. Be careful little by little no matter how big or small the task

“The way we do one thing is the way we do everything.” — Iyanla Vanzant

In fact, there are situations that cause errors in the production stage from being subjective, thinking that the job is simple, so there is no need to check thoroughly until the problem occurs in production.

One piece of advice for you is never to be subjective, be careful one by one, big or small, simple or complex to get quality code.

3. Spend 30 minutes every morning reading the blog

To become more and more perfect in the field of technology that you are doing, in addition to doing company duties, you should consult and learn more about how people do outside, how to use it. And one of the sources to learn, learn from others, other projects is the blog / vlog.

And why morning? Because at that time, we are most alert, have the most energy and study will be more effective.

4. Learn from those around you

Knowledge is a vast sea, so what we know is nothing.

Always keep a “dumb” head to try to learn more new things. Because it is when we think we don’t know anything that we listen and absorb new ideas, and if we think we already know, our head will “close”.

5. Set aside time every week to practice your new knowledge

Let’s write the code, try it, then the problem will arise and we will really understand it.

New technology is released continuously, even on the same framework/library it has new features updated from time to time. If you don’t update, you will fall behind. But just reading the theory can’t be remembered, so in the end spend a little time experimenting, breaking new pieces of knowledge to be ready to conquer new challenges.